Human Experience Mapping: Why Does It Matter?

At Simply Strategy, we utilize the model of inquiry for insight in order to inform decisions and effectively execute strategy. A cornerstone of our work is the ability to engage in human experience mapping in the inquiry phase. A human experience map (aka journey map) is a visualization of the touchpoints a person might have in an organization, process, or system. There is no one format, but ideally, it is simple for those who are a part of the process to understand.

  A human experience map should…
Be a visualization
Be a diagram
Depict an experience
Describe the activities the client or user undertakes 
Be from the client's perspective
Depict a client within a system
Identify pain points - the client's and the system's 

Both the process of developing a human experience map as well as the final product can help decision-makers understand the experience of their consumers, members, clients, or stakeholders in order to identify opportunities to improve how others interact with and within their organization. Understanding where an audience experiences points of pain and delight allows an organization to be client-centered and responsive to changing client needs.  

Human experience mapping may comprise a variety of services for insight, including:

• Culturally competent facilitation and interviewing  

• Ethnographies

• Process and consumer journey mapping 

• Validation and confirmation of studies

  So what might a human experience map look like?

No two maps will look the same, and the design is organically driven by both the structure of the system or organization and the path of the client. Intricate and complex or simple and streamlined, each map aims to be a true reflection of a unique experience.

Here are some of our favorite projects. We are looking forward to the next one.
Example 1 - Maternal Mental Health: Client Journey Map
Maternal Mental Health Client Journey Map

Example 2 - Maternal Mental Health: Provider Journey Map

Maternal Mental Health Provider Journey Map

Example 3 - Chronic Disease Client Referral Journey Map 

Chronic Disease Client Referral Journey Map

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